Jeep ride and guardian angels

This video shows the beautiful serene drive I took in my 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport on the way to my cabin in Glen Haven yesterday.  The water sloshing sound is from the container of water I transport on every trip, as I don’t have running water on the property.

Jeep ride
Cabin floor, Photo by slc

It was a balmy 65 degrees in Glen Haven and a beautiful day to work outside.  While at the property I raked up pine needles and cones to help with fire mitigation.  I also continued cleaning and oiling the 1938 wooden cabin floor.  All the while my small dog, Goldi, watched.

We left the property at about 3:15 p.m. so I could watch the second half of the Denver Bronco game.  The Jeep started fine and I drove the 15 minutes to Drake where I met up with the pilot car which takes everyone in line through the canyon construction zone.  The pilot car was not there yet so I turned off the Jeep’s engine.

When the pilot car came to lead us down the canyon, I turned the key in the ignition.  It started but then quit.  I tried again.  Same thing.  The Jeep would not stay running.

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Turkey over an open fire?

When I told James, a friend of mine, I was going to the cabin in Glen Haven on Thanksgiving Day, he asked, “Are you cooking a turkey over an open fire?”  Sounds like a good idea, but no, I didn’t cook a turkey at all yesterday, let alone over an open fire.

My daughter and her husband and my three grandchildren celebrated Thanksgiving on Monday.  My daughter is a labor and delivery nurse and she worked the night before Thanksgiving and was supposed to work again Thanksgiving night.  So, my dog, Goldi, and I drove up to the cabin for a day in the mountains.  Actually, I drove and she rode.

Bull Elk, 11/23/17, Photo by slc

Off of CR 43, I turned right at the Glen Haven General Store, drove over the bridge and over the creek.  Around the bend, a lone bull elk was resting among the pines and cabins.  Beautiful and serene.

On the way home from cleaning the cabin’s wood floor and removing nails from salvaged lumber today, traffic slowed.  A single big horned sheep sauntered down the highway next to the concrete barriers, headlong into traffic.  Sorry, I didn’t get a picture as I couldn’t stop on the road.

While I did not cook a turkey over an open fire at my cabin in Glen Haven on Thanksgiving, I did give thanks for having a special place in the mountains and for the beautiful wild animals that live there.

Repairing an intruder’s damage

Northern Flicker, Photo by USFWS

Woodpecker, sapsucker, flicker.  Whatever the name, this bird’s damage to wooden structures is prevalent throughout my neighborhood in Colorado.  The Colorado Parks and Wildlife website states, “During the early spring, woodpeckers hammer to attract mates, to establish and/or defend a territory, to excavate nesting or roosting sites, and to search for insects.”

At least five times over the years, the northern flicker has attacked my home and caused damage.  Making a nearly perfect round hole through the cedar siding and sheathing.  These holes have been patched with pieces of wood.  However, one recent patch did not hold.  A flicker broke it out and built a nest in my attic.  This time I attempted to repair the intruder’s entry hole myself.

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A little gift

little gift
Little Gift, photo by slc

A couple of weeks ago I received a text from my cabin neighbor Alison and her little girl, “Maddie and I left you a little gift at your cabin door today; we all hope you like it!”

little gift
Hollyhock Seeds, Photo by slc

The next day, when I opened the cabin’s sagging and squeaky front screen door there was a cute little plastic bag hanging from the door knob on the front door.  Inside the bag was a small package with a colorful bow along with a bright yellow envelope.  The card inside read,

Preparation is never lost time.  The seeds you plant today will bring a harvest tomorrow.

“Once you’re done ‘preparing’ your cabin, you can also enjoy the beauty of these hollyhocks!  We can’t wait for your ‘harvest’ and for your family to make many incredible memories here in Glen Haven!  🙂 XOXO The Gdovicak’s”

I was taken aback.  What a thoughtful gift.  So simple, yet so grand.

Thank you Alison and Maddie for the little gift and being a part of the “incredible memories.”

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