Christmas cards and letters–a thing of the past?

Christmas cards

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Last week I wrote and mailed my annual Christmas cards and letters.  I have sent cards and letters almost every year since the early 80’s.  Back then I probably sent out 40-50 cards and received about 20-25 from family and friends.  Now, I send about 20-25 and receive about 5-10.

Facebook is probably one reason most people don’t send out cards or letters.  It seems most people find it easier and cheaper (no cost for cards and stamps) to send out invitations, birthday and holiday greetings through social media.  Also, we know more about everyone’s lives because of Twitter and Facebook so there isn’t the need for the annual update.  However, I still enjoy receiving and sending cards and letters.  I guess that makes me “old school” or old-fashioned.

When I stopped by Walgreens to pick up the photos I ordered to send with my annual letter, the clerk said, “Oh, you are old school,” when I told her the photos were for my annual Christmas letters.  I proudly replied, “Yes, I guess I am.”

How about you?  Do you still send or receive Christmas cards?  Are you “old school?”

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