Jeep ride and guardian angels

This video shows the beautiful serene drive I took in my 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport on the way to my cabin in Glen Haven yesterday.  The water sloshing sound is from the container of water I transport on every trip, as I don’t have running water on the property.

Jeep ride
Cabin floor, Photo by slc

It was a balmy 65 degrees in Glen Haven and a beautiful day to work outside.  While at the property I raked up pine needles and cones to help with fire mitigation.  I also continued cleaning and oiling the 1938 wooden cabin floor.  All the while my small dog, Goldi, watched.

We left the property at about 3:15 p.m. so I could watch the second half of the Denver Bronco game.  The Jeep started fine and I drove the 15 minutes to Drake where I met up with the pilot car which takes everyone in line through the canyon construction zone.  The pilot car was not there yet so I turned off the Jeep’s engine.

When the pilot car came to lead us down the canyon, I turned the key in the ignition.  It started but then quit.  I tried again.  Same thing.  The Jeep would not stay running.

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