A little gift

little gift
Little Gift, photo by slc

A couple of weeks ago I received a text from my cabin neighbor Alison and her little girl, “Maddie and I left you a little gift at your cabin door today; we all hope you like it!”

little gift
Hollyhock Seeds, Photo by slc

The next day, when I opened the cabin’s sagging and squeaky front screen door there was a cute little plastic bag hanging from the door knob on the front door.  Inside the bag was a small package with a colorful bow along with a bright yellow envelope.  The card inside read,

Preparation is never lost time.  The seeds you plant today will bring a harvest tomorrow.

“Once you’re done ‘preparing’ your cabin, you can also enjoy the beauty of these hollyhocks!  We can’t wait for your ‘harvest’ and for your family to make many incredible memories here in Glen Haven!  🙂 XOXO The Gdovicak’s”

I was taken aback.  What a thoughtful gift.  So simple, yet so grand.

Thank you Alison and Maddie for the little gift and being a part of the “incredible memories.”

Birthday gifts for grandchildren…529 Plans

It’s September.  In my family, that means birthdays and gifts made to 529 Plans. September 2nd was Jackson’s birthday. Today, September 26th, is my daughter’s birthday and tomorrow, September 27th, is Dylan’s birthday.  Jackson and Dylan are my two grandsons.  jackson

When my granddaughter Jovie had her first birthday party I was overwhelmed by the amount of wonderful gifts she received from family and friends.  Her birthday is in January which follows another big gift giving day, Christmas.  So I decided to begin giving gifts of money as a long-term gift to my three grandchildren by setting up 529 college funds.

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