Social Security Credits for Moms?

From the Center for Retirement Research…

Social Security Credits for Moms?

August 4, 2016

“Social Security’s benefits were designed for the typical family when the pension program was enacted in the 1930s….  A spouse, usually the wife, is guaranteed half of her husband’s full retirement age benefit under the program when she reaches her full retirement age – whether she works or not.  When her husband dies, her survivor benefit equals his pension benefit.

Social Security credits

But women who marry and become divorced within 10 years are not eligible for these benefits.  Nor, of course, are single working women, who receive benefits based solely on their own work histories.  Increasing numbers of women reaching retirement age today either were in short-term marriages or never married and won’t receive a spousal or survivor benefit. The problem is that most of these women are mothers.”

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